Website Credits and Acknowledgements


Here is a brief history of our Internet presence and the many volunteers who have made it possible:

UIS first went on line in 1994 when Peter Matthews (Australia) organised and created our first web site. The server space for this website was donated by the Geography Department of Melbourne University (Australia) with the help of Dr. Brian Finlayson. When we registered our own Internet domain name (, Andreas Neumann (ETH, Switzerland) hosted the DNS and provided other Internet services, with the website itself still being hosted in Australia.

During 2004-2014, Stefan Näff of Switzerland very generously donated web space with improved Internet facilities and server management. Manuel Freire of Portugal became our second Website Manager in 2006, making many improvements including our web forum facilities and developing the basis of this new modern website using the "Joomla!" Content Managment System.

In 2012, Jasmina Rijavec of Slovenia took over as Website Manager, continued the development, and brought the new modern website to fruition.

Then in 2013-14, Jasmina and Charles Goldsmith, our Technical Manager, worked hard to make our website even more reliable and easier to maintain, and moved it to a new server hosted by Hostgator.

And not forgetting those who have provided us with off-site and emergency backup facilities:

  • In 2008 the Australian Speleological Federation via Mike Lake and David Connard hosted our website at very short notice when our own server experienced obscure hardware problems.
  • Since early 2008 the Karst Research Institute in Slovenia via Andrej Mihevc has provided server space for off-site backups.
  • Since 2010 the Karst Information Portal at the University of South Florida via Todd Chavez has provided server space for off-site backups and emergency hosting.

We also want to thank the many speleologists and past Team members who over the years have shared their knowledge and time improving the quality of the web page contents and facilities, including Roger Taylor (Australia), Peter Stavropoulos (Greece), Fernando Andreu (UK), Josh Bailey (USA), George Veni (USA), Fadi Nader (Lebanon) and José Ayrton Labegalini (Brazil). And you can see today's Internet Team by clicking on the link. Having managed the Internet facilities and the team for many years, Peter Matthews now remains in the background only as an occasional consultant.



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