National Speleological Organisations


National speleological organisations and their contact details, in alphabetic order by English country name. Where a country is also a member of UIS, the UIS Delegates can be found on the UIS Country Delegates page.

Please note that this page is not a list of UIS Members, but is intended as an inclusive list of all national speleo organisations of which UIS is aware. UIS Members are countries rather than national organisations, and the UIS Delegate and Deputy for a country should be chosen by the speleologists of that country, e.g. mutually by all the national speleo organisations of that country. For the purposes of this list, a 'national organisation' is considered to be any speleo organisation (caving, research, management, etc.) which aims to draw its membership from the whole of the country. Its members could be individuals and/or organisations - it does not need to be a federation of local organisations to be included.

So if you know of further organisations which should be added, or of any changes or corrections, or if your organisation has details missing below, then please send them to the UIS Website Manager, Jasmina RIJAVEC ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), to help keep this web page as up to date as possible. The status line of each organisation shows the date when some or all of its information was confirmed or updated.


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