Proceedings of the International Congress of Speleology (ICS)


The International Congress of Speleology (ICS) is promoted by the UIS to keep Member Countries informed about the "State-of-the-art" of speleology around the world. At these congresses, papers are presented on the various facets of speleology, including scientific areas, technical endeavors and cultural themes related to caves. 

Presented papers are published in the proceedings of these congresses which you can find below. 



17th ICS - Australia: Caves in an Ancient Land

Location: Sydney, Australia
Dates: 2017
Organization: Australian Speleological Federation (ASF)

     Proceedings Volume 1
     Proceedings Volume 2


16th ICS - Czech Republic: The land "where history meets future"

Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Dates: 2013
Organization: Czech Speleological Society (CSS)

     Congress Volume 1
     Congress Volume 2
     Congress Volume 3


15th ICS - United States of America: The first country to organize an ICS twice

Location: Kerville, Texas, USA
Dates: 2009
Organization: National Speleological Society (NSS)

     Volume 1
     Volume 2
     Volume 3


14th ICS - Greece: The ICS in the land of democracy

Location: Kalamos, Greece
Dates: 2005
Organization: Hellenic Speleological Society, Hellenic Federation of Speleology, Ephorate of Paleoanthropology and Speleology of Ministry of Culture

     Proceedings Volume 1
     Proceedings Volume 2


13th ICS - Brazil: The first congress in the Southern Hemisphere

Location: Brasilia/DF, Brazil
Dates: 2001
Organization: Brazilian Speleological Society (SBE)

     Volume I
     Volume II


12th ICS - Switzerland: Congress in the digital age

Location: La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
Dates: 1997

     Volume 1
     Volume 2
     Volume 3
     Volume 4
     Volume 5
     Volume 6


11th ICS - China: The first congress in Asia

Location: Beijing, China
Dates: 1993
Organization: Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

     Volume I
     Volume II


10th ICS - Hungary: The final congress behind the Iron Curtain

Location: Budapest, Hungary
Dates: 1989
Organization: Hungarian Speleological Society

     Volume I
     Volume II
     Volume III


9th ICS - Spain: Back in Europe

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Dates: 1986
Organization: Catalan Federation of Speleology

     Volume 1
     Volume 2
     Volume 3


8th ICS - United States of America: First ICS outside of Europe

Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA
Dates: 1981
Organization: Department of Geography and Geology of Western Kentucky University

     Volume 1
     Volume 2
     Guidebook to Karst of the Central Appalachians
     Guidebook to the Historic Section of Mammoth Cave
     Guidebook to Karst and Caves of Tennessee and Missouri


7th ICS - England: Still in Europe

Location: Sheffield, England
Dates: 1977
Organization: British Cave Research Association

     Volume 1 


6th ICS - Czechoslovakia: Behind the Iron Curtain

Location: Olomouc, Czechoslovakia (present day Czech Republic)
Dates: 1973

     Volume I - Reports and statistics of the 6th ICS and Karst Geology
     Volume II - Karst Geomorphology
     Volume III - Geomorphology of Underground Karst Phenomena  
     Volume IV - Karst Hydrology and Climatology
     Volume V - Biospeleology and Karst Paleontology
     Volume VI - Speleoarcheology
     Volume VII - Applied Speleology
     Volume VII - Applied Speleology


5th ICS - West Germany: Organization of the UIS

Location: Stuttgart, West Germany (present day Germany)
Dates: 1969
Organization: Verband der Deutschen Hohlen- und Karstforscher e.V.m Munchen

     Volume 1 - Karst Morphology
     Volume 2 - Speleogenesis I
     Volume 3 - Speleogenesis II and Archeology
     Volume 4 - Biospeleology
     Volume 5 - Karst Hydrology
     Volume 6 - Documentation and Tourism in caves


4th ICS - Yugoslavia: Founding of the UIS

Location: Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (present day Slovenia), with the opening ceremony in Postojna Cave
Dates: 1965
Organization: Speleological Federation of Yugoslavia

     Volume 1-2 - Manifestations of the Congress; Reports of the Plenary Session
     Volume 3 - Physical Speleology
     Volume 4-5 - Biospeleology, Prehistoric Speleology
     Volume 6 - Speleological Techniques and Exploration; Underground Tourism


3rd ICS - Austria: The dream continues

Location: Vienna, Obertraun and Salzburg, Austria
Dates: 1961
Organization: Verband  Osterreichischer Hohlenforscher

     Volume I - Program of the congress
     Volume II - Geospeleology
     Volume III - Biospeleology
     Volume IV - Speleopaleontology, Anthropospeleology and Technical Speleology
     Volume V - Karst hydrography and Speleomorphology


2nd ICS - Italy: Advances in international union

Location: Bari, Lecce and Salerno, France
Dates: 1958
Organization: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche 

     Volume I 
     Volume II 
     Volume III 


1st ICS - France: The birth of a dream

Location: Paris, France
Dates: 1953
Organization: Speleological Society of France 

     Volume I - Minutes of the Congress Meetings
     Volume II - Karstology
     Volume III - Biology
     Volume IV - Miscellaneous presentations and List of authors



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